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Welcome. Some of my visitors are students of mine. You are here to grade me!
A few reminders about comments that gain extra credit points:
  • Do not leave your SEP ID, and only your first name with last initial is necessary
You will write 3 responses. Choose something to comment about in 1-3:
  1. What did you or did not like about this chapter?
  • Were you bored? (I hope not!) Definitely tell me if you were confused or lost at any point in the story. Positive comments are welcome, too!
    2. Can I improve sentence editing and word choice?
  • Was something unclear?
  • Typos?
  • Sentence length?
  • Overall length of the piece?
    3. Write a response about at least one of the 5 narrative modes? Did you find weaknesses or strengths?
  • dialogue
  • description
  • action
  • thoughts
  • exposition