Read the non-fiction articles about the science behind my novel, FrankenPig.

This scientist has grown mice organs in rats. Next, he intends to grow human organs in pigs for human transplants.

Meet the real FrankenPigs ! Transgenic pigs do really exist!  Some pigs have human DNA! Scientists have decoded the pig DNA and talk about the importance of pigs in medicine.

By the way,
Pig meat is really being cloned. Would you eat it?

Another scientist, Mark Post, speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Vancouver, said that he has secured 250,000 Euros from an anonymous donor to continue his work. He expects his first 'sausage' to be made before the end of 2012. This article explains the process of making cloned meat.

Should human feces be recyled to make poop burgers?
Should pigs and chickens be fed meat
 How smart are animals? Wolves?
How should humans treat one another if cloning becomes a reality in the future?

FrankenPig, also asks the reader to consider:

How is pollution caused by humans hurting the Earth?

In other words, the book is about balancing individual rights with larger responsibilities. In this book, the reader is challenged to decide how Frank should be treated morally and what status he should be given in society. Finally, the story challenges readers to consider the dangers of creating chimeras and creating a bridge between species for the transference of diseases--like swine flu.

In FrankenPig, the squirrels behave strangely in the city. It really happened!
Should FrankenPig become a video game? Here's a Ted Talk about the power of games!


Anonymous said...

So far i really like the book. I hope Frank wins! Great job Mrs. Absi =]

-Lacy McKinley

audrey said...

i agree with lacy
your a very good writer
i can tell it will turn out well!

-audrey pastura

Jon Smith said...

I thought that chapter 2 was very good, I also will go back and read chapter three for a suspenseful ending on chapter two. It is also different reading the story on the computer than on paper, but all in all a very good story and presented very well. I personally would not change a thing except get it published.